Personal trainer ‘encourages’ clients to eat takeaways and says it helps weight loss


A personal trainer actively “encourages” her clients to eat takeaways because she says it helps them to lose weight.

Roxy Sullivan has helped dozens of her clients shed the pounds since becoming a personal trainer four years ago.

The 32-year-old from Bristol – who also works as a ring girl during boxing matches and model – insists that she has achieved her toned figure without cutting out any treats.

Instead, she says that moderation and religiously tracking her food intake are the keys to her success.

She said: “You do not need to remove takeaways or fast food from your diet to lose weight.

“In fact, I encourage my clients to have them – occasionally.

“The takeaway note is that you can eat what you like within reason and still get toned.

“Moderation is key. If you crack open the Pringles and can’t stop then I suggest you find ways to keep yourself from binging.

“But that doesn’t mean you can never have little treats – in fact, I think they are a great way of rewarding yourself for hard work.”

Roxy went on to advise people how to reward themselves without overindulging.

“You can have regular planned meals so you don’t end up snacking,” she said.

“Drinking lots of fluids and eating a high protein diet is another way of keeping that full feeling.

You can also buy small portions of your favourite crisps ice creams. Or you can portion out a sharing size packet of crisps so you don’t overindulge.”

Roxy, who grew up in Cardiff before moving to Bristol, said the key is consistency and monitoring food intake “religiously”. Her mission to tackle obesity has been backed by online broker Insuranks.

She said that many apps and fitness trackers overestimate how many calories people burn.

This leads to them overeating and then wondering why they’re not losing weight.

She explained: “Something I often get told is ‘I’m in a deficit but I’m not losing weight’.

“A deficit means consuming less calories than your body requires to maintain your weight

“I hate to say to you but if you’re not losing weight you are not in a deficit.”