My mother-in-law bought me a new engagement ring without asking’


A woman’s mother-in-law has ‘weirded’ people out after she shared how she surprised her with a new engagement ring.

In an anonymous post on Mumsnet, the woman, who got engaged last year, explained that she lost a fair bit of weight during the coronavirus lockdown, which meant that the ring her partner proposed with now no longer fits.

But when he went to get it resized it ended up snapping completely.

“My mother in law bought me a replacement ring,” she said, “but to be honest, I don’t really like it, it’s not the ring my fiancé chose for me and it doesn’t sit well with my wedding ring.

“She was so excited about getting this ring for me and I don’t want to hurt her feelings but I really don’t think she should have bought it. I wanted the ring my fiancé chose for me.”

She asked users what she could say to her mother-in-law without sounding ungrateful or without hurting her feelings.

Whilst several people suggested she wear the ring on the other hand, others thought it was extremely “odd” that she’d bought the ring without even asking the woman first.

One person said: “Oh how sweet. Would share your dilemma though!”

Another wrote: “I’d wear it until you find the ring you like or repair your own and then switch it to the other hand.

“If you need an explanation for her to explain that it’s important for you both that your engagement ring is from your [other half] and between the both of you but you shall treasure her gift always and it means such a lot as a symbol of your friendship etc.”

Whilst a third added: “Kind… but weird .

“She’ll definitely be coming on honeymoon with you both.”

And someone else said: “She totally overstepped the mark buying the ring in the first place, it’s just a personal thing that [original poster] hasn’t had any say in whatsoever. I certainly wouldn’t be thanking her or offering to wear it on another finger/hand.

“I’d just tell her it’s not to your taste and you were really looking forward to picking one with your [partner], and can she please return it.”