Flight attendant shares most frustrating plane ‘mistakes’ to avoid when travelling


If you’ve ever been on a plane, you’ll know there are certain debates around who gets which armrest and the etiquette over putting your seat all the way back.

But we no longer need to wonder whether it’s acceptable to do these things or not – as a flight attendant has settled the matter once and for all.

Kat Kamalani, a flight attendant from the US, has been sharing travel tips and cabin crew secrets over on TikTok, where she has amassed over 643,000 followers.

In her latest video, she shares some of the ‘mistakes’ people make when travelling on planes and how to avoid them.

She explains: “Please, please do not be this person that makes this travel mistake.

“If you are sitting in the middle, you get both armrests, don’t be that person who’s sitting at the window, who gets the window plus this outer armrest and then takes the middle armrest.

“And don’t be this guy either [in the aisle seat] who gets to go in and out all he wants and he takes this armrest and the other armrest.

“Middle gets middle armrests.”

Kat continued to say that if you’re sitting at the window, you are the one who gets to control the window panel, or blind.

“This really sucks on red-eyes or early mornings, but if you’re sitting at the window, you get to control the window panel.

“If you’re not, unfortunately, you don’t. They get to say. You can ask nicely, but if they don’t want to, they don’t have to.”

And when it comes to putting your seat back, the expert shared her “unpopular opinion” which is that as long as the plane isn’t taking off or landing, you should go for it.

She added: “You get to put your chair back. You pay for that seat and airlines design it so you can lay your chair back.

“Girl, put your chair back so you’re more comfortable.”

Kat’s TikTok video has since been watched over 58,000 times and garnered over 10,000 likes.